• International Biomedical Research Institute

    coordinating center for development
  • Biomedical research

    to engage in research,analysis and production of pharmaceuticals
  • Advanced Research

    To herald the advancement of research in Africa


who we are

International Standard

International Biomedical Research Institute is a multi-faceted biomedical research and consulting firm. We offer a wide array of expertise in the biomedical field, delivering a full spectrum of consulting services to clients worldwide. we are created to serve as a center for the development of new products targeted at priority diseases in Africa. the institute also serves as a center for training scholars, researchers at post-graduate level, undergo surveys, workshops, seminars and other public enlightenment programs.



What We Offer


we provide instruction and training in the manufacture of products for companies, their installations, and operations

Research & consultancy

we have an institute ready to help in the development of new products, research analysis, surveys for the finding and we also provide consultancy research services.


we acquire office spaces, workshops and we buy and sell fixed or movable machinery, tools, engines, boilers, and plants

State of the art Biomedical Laboratory

For the conduct of of basic research, with emphasis on applied research, clinical investigations and ethno-medical surveys in order to identify, collect and collate available information on natural products used for food with drugs, cosmetics and other research applications.

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