Why more Nigerian women are receiving HIV treatment than men

In contrast to the findings of several drug compliance studies among men and women, including this one which found men to be more compliant to their medications compared with women, reverse is the case with HIV treatment compliance in Nigeria.

Worldwide, 36.9 million people are living with HIV while 35.1 million are adults out of which women above fifteen years are 18.2 million thus representing more than half the number of adults with HIV.

In Nigeria, the recently released Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) report, revealed that 58% of people living with HIV in Nigeria are women, 49% are aware of their status, with 44% on treatment. For men, 29% are aware of their status with 22% on treatment in 2017.

This peculiar trend among Nigeria’s adult male HIV-positive individuals is not a surprise to healthcare providers who had repeatedly expressed concerns regarding patients’ compliance to antiretroviral medications.

Failure to comply with treatment had been associated with viral resistance, treatment failure, toxicity, and ultimately, waste of financial resources.

Why Nigerian man are not receiving HIV treatment

According to this research, non-adherence to the antiretroviral regimen is common for many reasons, some patients complain of different side effects, socioeconomic factor as a large population of the people living with HIV live below poverty line


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